What is TBD?

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NOTACAMP is a [tbd] event focused on Non Obvious Technological Approaches


NOTACAMP is happening on 5-6-7 July 2024.

Where is NOTACAMP?

NOTACAMP is at Het Groene Veld on the edge of Amsterdam North, in walking distance of Noord Metro station.

What is Het Groene Veld?

Het Groene Veld is an alternative location in Amsterdam Noord. More information can be found on https://hetgroeneveld.amsterdam

How do I get there?

Metro station Noord is within walking distance of Het Groene Veld

By bicycle it is around 5km distance from buiksloterwegveer where the free ferry from Centraal Station stops

There is NO onsite parking

Lost and found

If you find items that appear lonely, first ask around you, if nobody answers, please leave item at the bar and inform people running the infodesk. It's a good idea to put stickers on your own stuff, in case you lose something.

What is the cost of the event?

The exact cost is unclear at the point of writing, but our aim will be between 1 and 20 euros, most likely around 13.37 euros for the entire festival.

There will be food (vegetarian/vegan) for lunch and dinner for a small donation per portion.

How/When/Where do I pay?

Payment will be on site in cash. Perhaps some people will offer to accept cryptocurrency and pay for you in cash.

I dont have enough money for the arranged food, are there other options?

If you cant afford food, please let us know, nobody should be left hungry.

Is there camping?

In case it was not clear, NOTACAMP is NOT A CAMP, there is NO camping onsite.

There are some possibilities for sleeping spaces around the city and some camping sites nearby.

We suggest camping vliegenbos, a campsite nearby which has booking options for tents, campers and some rentable huts. This is around 3km from the site so can be reached in 10 mins on a bicycle or a 35 minute walk.

If you can arrange your own accomodation please do, if you need help arranging something ask on the chat below and we will try help.

How do I communicate?

Join the mailing list and/or join us on IRC https://webirc.hackint.org/#irc://irc.hackint.org/#tbd (also joinable via matrix on https://matrix.to/#/#tbd:hackint.org)

Does this website have publicly available source code?

Yes, it is based on wafer

Is there an API?

Possibly soon

Is there a (no) photo policy?

Dont take photos of anyone without asking their permission

How can I volunteer?

Everyone is a volunteer, by attending you are expected to participate, please find someone at the entrance desk to help you out with your contribution.

We'll need help with, among other things:

To volunteer, add yourself on the volunteer pad.